16th – 22nd of October, 2012, VPA Logistics visited China

16th – 17th of October, 2012, VPA Logistics attended international fair for logistics and transport CILF 2012 Shenzhen. This annual exhibition attracts not only Chinese, but also foreign logistics companies. VPA Logistics visited booths of Chinese partners; both have discussed possibilities of cooperation on block train starting from the city of Shenzhen.  VPA Logistics has also contacted with China's largest container manufacturer CIMC and discussed possibilities for the purchase and lease of containers in China.

On 19th of October, 2012  “Sun Train“ promotion campaign was organized for freight forwarders and logistics companies in the city of Shanghai. VPA Logistics with Shanghai logistics campaigns has discussed various forms of cooperation and delivery options for containers in Shanghai, Shanghai Freight Forwarders Association chairman suggested to promote “Sun Train“ to clients.

On 20th – 21st of October, 2012, negotiations with Ningbo city Sinotrans, Zhejiang province were started. The aim was to find the best way to collect all cargo from Zhejiang province in Ningbo city and then send it to Europe by railway.

22nd and 23rd of October, 2012, a meeting with Chinese DHL was hold. Recently DHL has shown interest for transporting goods by “Sun Train”. Also VPA Logistics met with Shanghai CRCT Lianyungang branch management and a possibility of releasing container block train from Lianyungang to Europe was discussed. Railway branch connecting Lianyungang and Alashankou is one of the most developed ones, the distance of 4000 kilomers block train travels in 5 days. VPA Logistics together with CRCT expects to release block train connecting Lianyungang and Europe as soon as possible.

During this China visit VPA Logistics has met with partners expeditors Sinotrans and further cooperation movements were settled.