In response to the spread of CORONA VIRUS

In response to the spread of CORONA VIRUS

Please be informed that "VPA Logistics" in response to the spread of CORONA VIRUS has decided: all truck drivers wishing to enter the territory of UAB "VPA Logistics" must comply with the following health safety requirements:

1. If possible, wear protective mask and disposable protective gloves on VPA Logistics territory.

2. Before entering the territory of "VPA Logistics" the driver and expeditor must allow to measure the body temperature (drivers and expeditors with temperature higher than 37 degrees are not allowed into the territory of "VPA Logistics").

3. Upon entering the territory of "VPA logistics", the driver must stand in the place indicated by the security guard and wait for the forwarder, it is forbidden to get off the truck, except to use the bio-toilet.

4. It is forbidden to walk around the area, forbidden to enter administrative and storage buildings. The driver must contact his forwarding agent by telephone to present/receive the documents.

5. Drivers shall not enter the loading / unloading area.

VPA Logistics administration