"VPA Logistics" is a leading candidate

"VPA Logistics" is a leading candidate

“VPA Logistics” is leading candidate in the search of a logistics center

Klaipėda public logistics center is leaning towards private ownership. Klaipėda State Seaport Authority is not denying that “VPA Logistics”, investing in its logistics center, has submitted the plans and suggestions how public private partnership could become a reality establishing a public logistics center.

Recently, at the conference of East and West transport corridor association, representatives of the Seaport Authority introducing Klaipėda port indicated, that the plans to develop a logistics center in the southern part of the port relate to “VPA Logistics”. Though, it is emphasized officially, that there would be a tender announced for a private partner selection.

“Business News” more than once wrote that some problems appeared because of more than 300 hectares territory reserved for a public logistics center: by emergency procedure private ownership rights were restored, besides that environmentalists are against forest lumbering. There is no more free land for such an object close to the port, even though it was stated more than once that a public logistics center must be constructed close to the port.

 “VPA Logistics” is developing its logistics center beside the southern part of the port, alongside railway. According to the Port Authority, this company has bought in almost 300 hectares of land. If the Opportunities Study is favorable, it is likely that this company will be a happy one to receive tens of millions of litas of EU and state money.

Tomas Pilukas, Head of Transit and Logistics department at the Ministry of Transportation is affirming that the Government has approved a preference of PPP (public private partnership) for Klaipėda public logistics center. According to T. Pilukas, a private partner would be chosen organizing a tender, otherwise „EC established procedures could be violated“.

Mr. Drungilas considers that a public logistics center, if it were decided to choose a combined model, could be established by port principle, when the port develops infrastructure, and operators construct terminals or warehouses. “Let’s not make conclusions in advance, but I don’t think that the sate could do business. It should create conditions for a successful business development. If that logistics center is public, there will be quite a few operators and a difficulty to coordinate: the Opportunities Study will show if the Port Authority does it or some operating company.” Mr. Drungilas does not doubt that the developer of the Opportunities Studies will bring some clarity in this process.

“VPA Logistcs”, warehousing, forwarding and ship agency company, was established in 2008, after “V. Paulius & Associates” founded by a Lithuanian emigrant, USA citizen Vytautas Paulius, was reorganized.

Mr. Artūras Drungilas, Marketing and Administration Director of Klaipėda State Seaport Authority: „Maybe we have a unique case, when part of the work is done and the project is partially implemented. But that is possible if such an alternative and partnership with private business is acceptable and appears to be economically beneficial to the State.“